Mobile Applications

We develop and design mobile applications and publications for the three platforms, Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Apple iOS

The largest app collection in the world, for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. We can develop applications that will work on both the iPhone and iPad, from simple games to highly complex business software. We also provide publication services that allow you to publish your material with maximum speed to market.


Android currently has a 70% market share of all mobile platforms around the world. Android is a very popular choice of OS and has one of the fastest growning app stores available. We can develop for this platform, catering for the various types of devices available, across phones and tablets.

Microsoft Windows Phone

We have delivered many projects for this platform, all the way back since 2006 when the windows mobile platform was really all there was out there. 

We can use this platform to integrate with Microsoft back office products, perhaps integrating your sales force with your office crm, or perhaps your service engineers who need to report incidents in real time. The new Microsoft mobile platform is slowly becoming quite popular and is certainly a great alternative to iOS and Android.

Mobile Web

Our developers our proficient in responsive design using HTML 5 and CSS3 to develop sites that work not only in the browser but also for mobile screen sizes and platforms. Your audience expects to be able to access your online prescence with their phone or tablet, why would you deliver a site that only works for one of these platforms? We develop sites that work in ALL platforms, but we do this using what is called responsive design. This means our sites change their layout, structure and sometimes content to accomodate different devices - a great example of this is the site you are on right now. Try it on your phone!

Electronic Publication

We can help you to publish your magazine or book to both the Apple Book Store and to Amazon Kindle. What makes a publication more powerful on these platforms? Interactivity and exposure. Publictions can be brought to life through the use of interactive high resolution image galleries, animations and video. We make publishing easy and straight forward and consult with you to find the most cost effective way for you to take your print media mobile. Your publication will then be exposed to a wider and ever growing audience, eager to gain more digital material, such as yours.

Recap of our services:

  • Apple iOS applications and games 
  • Android applications and games
  • Windows Phone applications and games
  • Publication of magazine and books to both iBooks and Kindle
  • Development of HTML 5 web sites, that work like apps